Our Effects on the World

Step 1:
Prior to completing the assignment, determine your ecological footprint by completing the quiz at http://www.footprintcalculator.org/ (Links to an external site.) (NOTE: Answer the “Add details to improve accuracy” to get the most accurate representation of your ecological footprint.) You will need to include screenshots that include the date of your results as part of your write-up

Step 2:

Evaluate how your lifestyle affects the planet. Your explanation needs to include:

The number of planets that would be necessary if everyone lived your lifestyle.
Your personal Earth Overshoot Day and what that means
A breakdown of the categories that contribute most to your ecological footprint (Look at the “By Consumption Category” table in the upper right corner of the second results page)
What types of things could you do to reduce your impact? What effect would each one have on your footprint? A good place to start is to click on the “Explore Solutions” sections of your results and click on “Learn More” for at least one of the areas.
NOTE: The screenshots are needed to be able to determine that you accurately analyzed your results. Any assignment without them included can only earn a maximum of 5/10 in the four content categories of the rubric.


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