Organizational and national cultures

a.       How do the organizations to which you belong make decisions? Is it top-down, bottom-up, or something else? How does it compare to the Japanese system described in the text? What system would work best, and why?

b.      What kinds of reward systems work best in different organizational and national cultures? How would you design a study that examined cultural differences in reward systems?

a.       How would you study the culture of your organization?

Design a study that would examine what an organization’s culture is like. Why did you select the variables you did?

b.      What kind of training would you provide to a person who was going to be moved to another country for work?

Would your training program be limited to the employee, or include the employee’s family as well?

Have you ever experienced sexual harassment? What would you do if you were sexually harassed in a job interview? Most people say they would not tolerate such treatment and be angry and confrontive, but in a study that examined what people actually did, the very same people who said they would be angry and confrontive actually tolerated it and were polite and respectful (Woodzicka & LaFrance, 2001). How about you?



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