Operating System

What are the memory units of HDD ? in ascending order.What is the speed of virtual memory?Which is fastest memory cache memory or register?

Assume that an operating system maps user-level threads to the kernel using the many-tomany model and that the mapping is done through the use of LWPs. Furthermore, the system allows program developer

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Operating System
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A computer system has a 128 byte cache. It uses four-way set-associative mapping with 8 bytesin each block. The physical address size is 32 bits, and the smallest addressable unit is 1 byte.

1. Determine if the following problems exhibit task or data parallelism:

a. Using a separate thread to generate a thumbnail for each photo in a collection

b. Transposing a matrix in parallel

c. A networked application where one thread reads from the network and another writes to the network

What is TLB? 2. Consider a machine with 64 MB physical memory and a 32-bit virtual address space. If the page size is 4KB, what is the approximate size of the page table? (a) 16 MB (b) 8 MB (c) 2 MB (d) 24 MB

If, in a single contiguous memory management system, the program is loaded at address 5000, compute the physical addresses (in decimal) that correspond to the following logical addresses:

If instruction takes i microsecond and page fault takes j micro second then the effective instruction time is, if the average page fault occurs every k instruction is: i + j/k

A. 103

B. 455

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