Nursing and the Interprofessional Team

Assessment Brief: This assignment is in two parts – please answer both parts, in the given order.

Part A – Read the “Report of the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Enquiry” Executive Summary (Francis 2013). Identify the key elements of interprofessional working that were failing at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust during this time, and discuss these in relation to:

• the abilities and skills required to develop, manage and maintain appropriate relationships with people, their families, carers and colleagues (LO1)

• the benefits and challenges of interprofessional and interagency working across the health and care system (LO2).

• the roles, responsibilities and scope of practice of all members of the nursing and interdisciplinary team and how to make best use of the contribution of others involved in providing care (LO4).

• the principles of partnership, collaboration and interagency working across all relevant sectors (LO6).

Part B – Using the principles of Human and Environmental Factors, identify and discuss how digital information sharing technologies could prevent the failures of “Mid-Staffs” from reoccurring. Discuss this in relation to:

• the principles of human factors, environmental factors and strength-based approaches when working in teams (LO3).

• the effective and responsible use of a range of digital technologies to access, input, share and apply information and data within teams and between agencies (LO5).

The module team suggest you structure your assignment in the following way, in order to ensure you address all learning outcomes:

• Your assignment should start with an introduction of approximately 100 words.

• All learning outcomes need to be addressed; they carry equal weighting.

• Dividing the word count equally would suggest using around 300 words per learning outcome.

• Your assignment needs to have proper sentence structure; good English language, grammar, and spelling; and be properly referenced using University of Lincoln Harvard referencing with a minimum of 20 different references for the entire assignment, which equates to 3 or 4 per learning outcome.

• You should use your academic writing skills to integrate the discussions around each learning outcome into an essay that flows well from introduction to conclusion.

• It needs to finish with a conclusion of around 100 words, this should summarise your discussion and not introduce new points.


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