1. Tad has told his girlfriend, Kylie, that he has never taken any sexual risks. But when she suggested that they get tested for STIs, he became furious and refused. Now Kylie says she doesn’t know what to believe.

Could Tad be telling the truth, or is he hiding something? If he is telling the truth, why is Tad so upset? Kylie doesn’t want to take any risks, but she doesn’t want to lose him either. What would you advise her to say or do? What would you advise Tad to say or do?

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1. Have you ever dated someone with an STI? If so, when did you find out about it? How did you feel? Did it affect your sex life? In what way?

2. Any time a person has a blood test, an HIV screening can be performed without asking permission. Do you see this as a violation of privacy or as a good public health practice? Explain.

1. Periodontal disease

a. results from poor eating habits.

b. can lead to cardiovascular problems.

c. in its early stage can be prevented by brushing alone.

d. is caused by a variety of bacteria and viruses.

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