Suppose a digital voice user has a source bit rate of 8kbps (full duplex). Assuming QPSK is used as the common modulation scheme and the baud rate is equal to the required channel bandwidth. Consider a single cell system with 1.6 MHz bandwidth allocated for uplink and 1.6MHz for downlink respectively.

Calculate the capacity (in turns of number of concurrent active voice users) achievable by the FDMA. [Assume that coherent phase reference is available at the receiver].

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What about the forward link capacity of the single-cell CDMA system Hint: The number of distinct orthogonal spreading codes available is equal to the number of chips per modulation symbol

Which technology is more effective in terms of forward link capacity in a single cell system? Will there be any difference in multiple cell system?

Power control is used to overcome the inter-symbol interference problem infrequency selective fading channel [True/False].

Transmitting the same information at different time instances, separated smaller than the coherence time of the fading channel, is an effective means to combat frequency flat fading [TrueEalse].

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