Network Topology

Suppose there is a scheme that makes use of a special traffic light to send digital information. There are 3 lights (with different colors: red, yellow and green). The traffic light changes pattern once every 10ms. Suppose we want to build a “modulator” that transmits a “symbol” based on the different light combinations (each light can be on or off but the three lights cannot be “on” simultaneously) and the modulation process is symbol-by-symbol (encoding across one lOms symbol only).

What are the baud rate and the bit rate of the system if we consider a basic symbol with duration 10ms?

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Network Topology
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One way to increase the information bit rate through such a setting is to encode information bits based on two “symbols” together. (Lee, a new “super-symbol” of duration 20ms is formed by two consecutive symbols and information bits are carried by the new “super-symbol”).

What is the resulting bit rate?

A wideband signal is more difficult to transmit than a narrowband signal because of the inter-symbol interference problem faced by the wideband signal. [ TrueFalse]

In flat fading channels, there is no multipath effect at all as there is only a single resolvable echo at the receiver. [TruelFalse]

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