Net-Zero Emissions

please write a policy Memorandum, I will attach a file that shows the format of the Memorandum and how it supposed to be, the file only have example about different topic,
but the paper that I want is about this topic:

You are staff assistant to Heather Zichal, Senior Advisor to Joe Biden for energy and the environment. There has been a great deal of controversy over President-elect Biden’s energy policy. Linked to the Clean Power Plan and Paris Agreement of the Obama administration, yet maintaining support for fracking while reaching out to Democrats who support a Green New Deal, candidate Biden made vague and often contradictory statements about the environment. An environmental plan is essential to take swift action as president-elect. You are in charge of constructing the part of the plan that focuses on energy production and carbon emissions. The Biden campaign has promised net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, but now a policy must be crafted that can succeed, not merely appeal to voters in a campaign. You need to make a policy proposal concerning a timetable for carbon emissions taking note of

(1) candidate Biden’s promise during the campaign and his realtionship to Congressional Democrats who may be more pro-environment than he is;

(2) the costs both of the policies he recommends and of alternatives as outlined in several of the readings;

(3) recognition of and response to the economic effects of these policies on jobs and regions;

(4) how realistic is a zero-emission target by 2050.


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