Narrative Essay Homework and Ethical Pledge

It’s a take home exam which has 2 questions.

Question 1. you have to create your own Ethical/Integrity pledge for university students using an sample provided by university of Victoria (link to the sample is in the “FINAL TAKE HOME EXAM” file). The purpose of the creating the Pledge is to make students maintain the integrity while written papers and assignments or exams, to make them follow the ethics, so that they won’t cheat or copy other people’s work. The pledge should be about 2 paragraphs long (perhaps 500 words).

Question 2. Is a personal narrative essay. You have to pick one of the movies from the options (movies options are in the “FINAL TAKE HOME EXAM” file), and write a 1200 words min essay on how the movie relates to Howard Gardner’s book called “Five Minds For The Future”. You will have to explain how Gardener’s teaching in the book relates to the movie. In addition, you have to relate the book and the movie with what you’ve learned in the course. This course was very easy and it covered a broad range of social issues faced in the real life. I will provide 2-3 lecture slides to give you an idea of how this class was. Those slides are shot.
so in simple words, write a 1200 words min essay on how the class, the movie and Gardener’s book relates.

Oh and very important note, both the essay and bibliography should be in APA 7th format.


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