Multicultural intelligence

You are a human resources manager for a U.S. manufacturing company. The company has a manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China. Your mentor urges you to accept a three-year transfer offer to go there, since international experience is required for the company’s promotional track to Vice President.
You have reservations about accepting the assignment. Your job would be to lead a HR Big Data initiative to improve operational performance and talent acquisition, which is your area of expertise. You would also be charged with helping the team develop multicultural leadership practices.
However, although the management team in Shanghai acknowledges the need for improvement in these areas, they are skeptical about the value of the initiative and are resistant to change. The team at the plant consists of:
Caucasian men from the United States, ages 50-65.
Two women from Germany, ages 35-45.
Men from China, India, and Pakistan, ages 22-55.
You also know these things about the plant:
The team members between the ages 22-35 are using the online platform well.
Key leaders Joe and John, ages 55 and 57, are long-time friends. They have hired many friends from their college fraternity and they all go to sporting events together.
Gertrude, one of the women from Germany, has complained to HR that she is often excluded from team meetings, and she feels that her voice is not heard on important issues.
You know that it will benefit the company’s strategic position to make business decisions based on data analytics. Making decisions that are evidence-based will transform HR decisions for employee management and reporting, and solidify the HR department as a vital business function. You will need to develop an action plan for how you will implement these initiatives. You are also aware that this initiative could make or break your career.
Your manager has asked you to make a preliminary analysis report that analyzes the multicultural intelligence factors that will need to be incorporated into your action plan.
Based on your review of the literature and resources, make an analysis report that provides the following information
1.Analyzes a leadership situation that reflected a lack of diversity awareness or cross-cultural competence; supports analysis with examples, other relevant experiences, and scholarly literature.
2.Applies the dimensions of the GLOBE study relevant to the case study for gaining insight on the multicultural dynamics; supports claims with examples, other relevant experiences, and scholarly literature
3.Analyzes leadership theories and strategies that promote multicultural and ethical leadership; supports analysis with examples, other relevant experiences, and scholarly literature
4.Describes three missed opportunities to promote multicultural leadership in a specific situation; includes a discussion about the implications from multiple perspectives
5.Recommends evidence-based strategies to enhance a leader’s capacity to promote multicultural leadership; includes application of recommendations to several scenarios

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