Monsters and madness frankenstein

Throughout popular culture, many do not approach the concept of Frankenstein with accuracy; if you were to ask most people, they would argue that “[…] ‘Frankenstein’ tends to evoke not the unfortunate overreaching young scientist Victor Frankenstein but his hideous creation” (Brooks 369). This is because Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein explores the monstrous conflict concerning one man’s obsession with control and overcoming death through scientific inquiry; the true monster may be Victor Frankenstein after all. How are madness, obsession, and ultimately narcissism demonstrated in the novel thus far? Who is the true monster and why? I want you to construct a specific argument concerning this overall concept of monsters and madness, and this argument will then need to be substantiated by examples from the text and outside research.

Some example questions you may ask during the brainstorming process include:

What is the psychology of the characters like? Are they driven to madness?

Is Victor Frankenstein’s torment all within his own mind? Is he the true monster?


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