Meteorology project

You will select a country to research for impacts of tropical cyclones. Post your country to this DB: Undergraduate Country Selection You will prepare a written report that contains your research results and figures/tables and upload it here by the due date. Specific instructions are available from the link below. You must also upload your report to the discussion board so that other students can read it and provide a peer review. You will also read reports of other students and provide peer review. Format Guide: TCCountryReport.docx Actions DB to post: Undergrad Final Project Delivery Registering for NASA data: Registering for NASA data products-2.docx Actions How to order/ process TRMM 3B42 data: TRMMdata.docx Actions  I will use the rubric below to score your report.

4516013 minutes ago

I can give you my login info to do the arcmaps.


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