Memory Management

On a system with paging, a process cannot access memory that it does not own; why? How could the operating system allow access to other memory?Why should it or should it not?

List five services provided by an operating system that are designed to make it more convenient for users to use the computer system. In what cases it would be impossible for user-level programs to provide these services? Explain.

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Memory Management
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Explain why it is easier to share a reentrant module using segmentation than it is to do so when pure paging is used.

Explain why doubling the speed of the systems on an Ethernet segment may result in decreased network performance. What changes could help solve this problem?

Explain the differences in the degree to which the following scheduling algorithms discriminate in favor of short processes:

Describe three circumstances under which blocking I/O should be used.

Describe three circumstances under which non blocking I/O should be used. Why not just implement non blocking I/O and have processes busy-wait until their device is ready?

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