Marketing Management

Explain the differences between feedback from interpersonal communications and feedback from impersonal communications. How can the marketer obtain and use each kind of feedback?

Discuss the strategic differences between traditional media channels and new media.

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Marketing Management
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Find two print ads, one illustrating the affective component and the other illustrating the cognitive component. Discuss each ad in the context of the tri-component model.

Why has each marketer taken the approach it did?

Should the marketer of a popular computer graphics program prefer consumers to make internal or external attributions? Explain your answer.

A college student has just purchased a new Apple iPad. What factors might cause the student to experience post-purchase dissonance?

How might the student try to overcome it?

How can the retailer who sold the computer help reduce the student’s dissonance?

How can the computer’s manufacturer help? Hands-on Assignments

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