Marketing Management

1.   The marketing opportunity of introducing product placements in, e.g. news programmes, may have some problematic ethical and political side effects.

Would you be comfortable with product placement in the news? Why, or why not?

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Marketing Management
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2.   The chapter mentions some instances where market research findings influenced artistic decisions, as when a film ending was reshot to accommodate consumers’ preferences. Many people would oppose this use of consumer research, claiming that books, films, records or other artistic endeavours should not be designed merely to conform to what people want to read, see or hear. What do you think?

1.   Many are claiming a more individualistic style of fashion these years. Discuss whether individualism in style and fashion has actually increased or whether we are being conformist in new ways.

2.   What does it mean to have an institutional view on fashion?

1 .  Culture can be thought of as a society’s personality. If your culture were a person, could you describe its personality traits?

2.   What is the difference between an enacted norm and a crescive norm? Identify the set of crescive norms operating when a man and woman in your culture go out for dinner on a first date. What products and services are affected by these norms?

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