Marketing Management

1.   How do the consumer decisions involved in giftgiving differ from other purchase decisions?     4   The chapter argues that not all gift-giving is positive. In what ways can this ritual be unpleasant or negative?

2.   Construct a ritual script for a wedding in your culture. How many artefacts can you list that are contained in this script?

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Marketing Management
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3.   What are some of the major motivations for the purchase of self-gifts? Discuss some marketing implications of these.

1.   Describe the three stages of the rite of passage associated with graduating from university.

2.   Identify the ritualised aspects of various kinds of sports that are employed in advertising.

3.   Which sacred objects do you own, and how did they become sacred to you?

4.   Interview two or three of your fellow students about collecting, talking about either their own collections or a collection of somebody they know of. Use concepts about the sacred to analyse the responses.

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