Marketing Management

1.Identify a set of avoidance groups for your peers. can you identify any consumption decisions that are made with these groups in mind?

2. Identify fashion opinion leaders at your university or business school. Do they fit the profile discussed in the chapter?

3. Although social networking is red-hot, could its days be numbered? Many people have concerns about privacy issues. others feel that platforms like facebook are too overwhelming. what are your views? will people start to tune out all of these networks?

1. The adoption of a certain brand of shoe or apparel by athletes can be a powerful influence on students and other fans. Should secondary school and university coaches be paid to determine what brand of athletic equipment their players will wear?

2. The power of unspoken social norms often becomes obvious only when these norms are violated. To witness this result first hand, try one of the following: stand facing the back wall in a lift; serve dessert before the main course; offer to pay cash for dinner at a friend’s home; wear pyjamas to class; or tell someone not to have a nice day.


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