Marketing Management

1. Why is word-of-mouth communication often more persuasive than advertising? which is more powerful, positive or negative word-of-mouth? Describe some ways in which marketers use the internet to encourage positive woM.

2. What is viral marketing? Guerrilla marketing? hype? Buzz? Give an example of each.

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Marketing Management
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3. Is there such a thing as a generalised opinion leader?

What is likely to determine if an opinion leader will be influential with regard to a specific product category?

How can marketers use opinion leaders to help them promote their products or services?

1. Under what conditions are we more likely to engage in social comparison with dissimilar others versus similar others? how might this dimension be used in the design of marketing appeals?

2. Discuss some reasons for the effectiveness of home shopping parties as a selling tool. what other products might be sold this way? are home shopping parties, which put pressure on friends and neighbour to buy, ethical?

3. Discuss some factors that influence whether membership groups will have a significant influence on a person’s behaviour.

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