Marketing Management

1. Form a group of three. pick a product and develop a marketing plan based on each of the three approaches to consumer decisionmaking: cognitive, habitual and affective. What are the major differences in emphasis among the three perspectives? Which is the most likely type of problem-solving activity for the product you have selected? What characteristics of the product make this so?

2. Find a person who is about to make a major purchase. ask that person to make a chronological list of all the information sources consulted prior to making a decision. how would you characterise the types of sources

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Marketing Management
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1. Describe the difference between a superordinate category, a basic level category, and a subordinate category. What is an example of an exemplar product?

2. Describe the relationship between a consumer’s level of expertise and how much they are likely to search for information about a product.

3. List three types of perceived risk, and give an example of each.

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