Marketing Management

1 .  Review a number of popular media which are published in countries in southern europe as well as media targeted for northern european countries. how do the ads’ depictions of  family  seem to differ by region? in what sorts of consumption situations do they seem highly similar? Why?

2.   For each of the following five product categories – groceries, cars, holidays, furniture and appliances – describe the ways in which you believe a married couple’s choices would be affected if they had children.

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Marketing Management
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3.   in identifying and targeting newly divorced couples, do you think marketers are exploiting these couples’ situations? are there instances where you think marketers may actually be helpful to them? Support your answers with examples.

Arrange to interview two married couples, one younger and one older. Prepare a response form listing five product categories – groceries, furniture, appliances, holidays and cars – and ask each spouse to indicate, without consulting the other, whether purchases in each category are made by joint or unilateral decisions and to indicate whether the unilateral decisions are made by the husband or the wife. Compare each couples’ responses for agreement between husbands and wives relative to who makes the decisions and compare both couples’ overall responses for differences relative to the number of joint versus unilateral decisions. Report your findings and conclusions.

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