Marketing Management

1.    Identify some important characteristics for a product with a well-known brand name. Based on these attributes, generate a list of possible brand extension or licensing opportunities, as well as some others that would be unlikely to be accepted by consumers.

2.  Collect some pictures of ‘classic’ products that have high nostalgia value. Show these pictures to consumers and allow them to make free associations. Analyse the types of memories that are evoked, and think about how these associations might be employed in a product’s promotional strategy.

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Marketing Management
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1.  Consider the hierarchies of effect. Think of situations where you, as a consumer, have gone through the different hierarchies. Which hierarchies have applied to which situations?

2  . Think of a behaviour exhibited by an individual that is inconsistent with their attitudes (e.g. attitudes towards cholesterol, drug use or even buying things to attain status or be noticed). ask the person to elaborate on why they behave this way, and try to identify the way the person has resolved dissonant elements.

1.   Using a series of semantic-differential scales, devise an attitude survey for a set of competing cars. identify areas of competitive advantage or disadvantage for each model you incorporate.

2.   Construct a multi-attribute model for a set of local restaurants. Based on your findings, suggest how restaurant managers can improve their establishments’ image using strategies described

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