Marketing Management

1.   List three dimensions by which the self-concept can be described.

2.   Compare and contrast the real vs the ideal self. list three products for which each type of self is likely to be used as a reference point when a purchase is considered.

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Marketing Management
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3.   Watch a series of ads featuring men and women on television. try to imagine the characters with reversed roles (the male parts played by women, and vice versa). can you see any differences in assumptions about sex-typed behaviour?

1.   Do you agree that marketing strategies tend to have a male-oriented bias? if so, what are some possible consequences for specific marketing activities?

2.   Construct a ‘consumption biography’ of a friend or family member. make a list of and/ or photograph their favourite possessions, and see if you or others can describe this person’s personality just from the information provided by this catalogue.

To date, the bulk of advertising targeted at gay consumers has been placed in exclusively gay media. if it was your decision, would you consider using mainstream media to reach gays, who constitute a significant proportion of the general population? or, bearing in mind that members of some targeted segments have serious objections to this practice, especially when the product (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes) may be viewed as harmful in some way, do you think gays should be singled out at all by marketers?


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