Marketing Management

The mall or shopping centre of the future will most likely be less about purchasing products than about exploring them in a physical setting. this means that retail environments will have to become places to build brand images, rather than just places to sell products.

What are some strategies stores can use to enhance the emotional/sensory experiences they give to shoppers?

Choy and Loker (2004)  explored and classified internet sites supporting the wedding industry and the purchase of a wedding gown in their study of mass customisation. they identified four major categories: marketing, browsing, advice and customising. choose another industry (e.g. mother and baby; travel; leisure; pets; music) and classify the websites according to their characteristics and strategies. What categories can you identify?

Discuss and critique the view that ‘shoppers who blend store, mail order catalogues and websites spend more’.

1.  What is motivation, and how is motivation relevant to consumer behaviour? What is the difference between a need and a want?

2.   Describe three types of motivational conflicts, citing an example of each from current marketing campaigns.

3.   What is cognitive dissonance? Why is it important for marketers to understand how this works?

4   Devise separate promotional strategies for an article of clothing, each of which stresses one of the levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


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