Marketing Management

1. Is e-commerce going to replace the high street retailer?

2. discuss the changing trends across online and high street shopping (e.g. click and collect), and identify the factors within consumer behaviour which have influenced the development of these trends (e.g. time scarcity).

What new trends can you identify as online and offline consumer behaviour becomes increasingly integrated? Or will online and offline purchasing remain separate activities for different types of shoppers?

Are pop-up stores simply a fad, or a retailing concept that is here to stay?

1.   discuss the concept of ‘time style’. Based on your own experiences, how might consumers be segmented in terms of their time styles?

2.   What is time poverty, and how might it influence our purchase decisions?

Describe the difference between density and crowding. Why is this difference relevant in purchase environments?

What factors help determine store image?

What are the two dimensions that determine whether we will react positively or negatively to a purchase environment?


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