Marketing Management

What role does the globalisation process play in your personal consumption profile?

After reflecting on that, take a walk in your nearest shopping area and look for signs of the global and the local. What is from ‘somewhere else’? What is distinctively local? Are there mixtures, or are these two domains separate? Can you identify any  hegemonic brandscapes?

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Marketing Management
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Try to identify processes of glocalisation in your own consumption patterns? And in your shopping neighbourhood?

Go to your local supermarket to check the selection of politically correct products (organic produce, fair trade products, etc.). how are they presented in the store? What does that say about the way these products are regarded?

Find three examples of how experience economy, i.e. the staging of complete consumer experiences, has altered some market offerings that you know about.

Reflect on your and your friends’ consumption patterns in the same light. What do you see?

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