Marketing Management

How does Freud’s work on the unconscious mind relate to marketing practice?An American apparel exporter wants to expand his market base in India. Guide him about the Indian Consumer Behaviour by considering external influencing factors like culture, sub-culture, family and social class.


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Marketing Management
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How does it influenced the consumer behavior mentioned in this case? How does organic food provide utilitarian and hedonic value to Jill and to her aunt?

Discuss the statement below in relation to guidelines about consumer guarantees. Provide an example to illustrate your answer. “Some suppliers or manufacturers tell the consumer an extended warranty provides extra protection, which the consumer would not have unless they buy it.”

Why might a researcher prefer to use focus groups rather than depth interviews? When might depth interviews be preferable?

How would the interpretation of survey results change if the researcher used a probability sample rather than a nonprobability sample? Explain your answer.

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