Marketing Management

A soft-drink company distributed cell phones to preadolescents in low-income areas. The phones routinely received advertising messages for the drink. Following criticism, the company said that the benefits to the disadvantaged children from having the cell phones (e.g., safety) outweighed any “exploitive targeting” considerations.

Do you agree or disagree with the company’s position? Explain your answer.

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Marketing Management
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Some say that targeting any group of consumers who are willing and able to purchase a product is simply good marketing. For example, advertising sweet and fatty foods to young children is perfectly okay because children like sweets, and when parents buy these products at their children’s request, the needs of both the kids and their parents are met and satisfied.

What is your reaction to this view?

Select a newspaper or magazine advertisement that attempts to provide the consumer with a decision strategy to follow in making a purchase decision.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the ad you selected.

Describe how Sony can use the five product features that affect adoption in order to speed up the diffusion of its new TV model. Hands-on Assignments

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