Marketing Management

1. There are many different measures to evaluate the impact of an advertising campaign.What is the difference between recall and recognition? Which one is more appropriate and when?

2. When is deletion of missing data preferable to imputation? When should one choose list-wise deletion and when is pair-wise deletion preferable?

1. Recall the discussion on measurement scales of chapter 1 and the concept of reliability.

What are the main routes to measure attitudes in literature? How can attitude measurement be validated?

2. In many consumer research studies, visual or tactile stimuli might be important.

Discuss the potential use of stimuli according to the administration method.

1. What are the secondary data for TV audience in your country? How is TV audience measured? How reliable are available data?

2. Scan data only records purchases, thus it does not fully reflect consumer choice. Why? What sort of bias does this imply?


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