Marketing Management

Discuss the statement “Marketers don’t create needs; needs pre-exist marketers.” Can marketing efforts change consumers’ needs? Why or why not? Can they arouse consumer needs? If yes, how?

Define the consumer market and describe the four major sets of factors that influence consumer buyer behavior. Which characteristics influenced your choice when deciding on the university you would attend? Are those the same characteristics that would influence you when deciding what to do on Saturday night? Explain

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Marketing Management
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Discuss the roles of extrinsic and intrinsic cues in the perceived
quality of (a) wines, (b) restaurants, (c) smartphones,
(d) graduate education.

The ABC Corporation expects next year’s net income to be Taka 20 million. The firm’s debt ratio is currently 40%. It has Taka 15 million of profitable investment opportunities, and it wishes to maintain its existing debt ratio. According to the residual distribution model (assuming all payments are in the form of dividends), how large should Wei’s dividend payout ratio be next year? Provide your opinions on the following concepts: Dividend irrelevance theory; signaling theory, and clientele effect.

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