Marketing Management

1. Based on the definition of consumer behavior, identify some of the consumer behavior-related activities you have engaged in today.

2. What is/are the key difference(s) between customer erceived value and customer delight?

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Marketing Management
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3. How do public policy makers use the results of consumer research?

You have been put in-charge of a marketing unit for a Car Manufacturing Company (Proton). Use the Fishbein Multi-attribute model to perform comparison on different attributes of the product against it.

Find two (2) print ads. One illustrating the cognitive component and the other illustrating the affective component. Why has each marketer taken the approach it did?

Describe an unsatisfactory encounter you recently experienced with

(a) a low-contact service provider via email, mail, or phone and

(b) a high-contact, face-to-face service provider.

What were the key drivers of your dissatisfaction with these encounters? In each instance, what could the service provider have done to improve the service?

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