In application of the concepts learned in this course, you will now  compile    a strategic marketing plan for a new start-up business that works in the    business-to-business (B2B) sector. Your primary customer needs to be another    business. For your start-up, think about a business that you would    hypothetically like to start someday.

Compile a strategic marketing plan following the guidelines below (feel    free to use the headings below as your section titles).


  •     What   is the name of your company? (Be creative!)
  •    What   are the primary products or services your company will          offer?

Target Market

  • Who   is your primary target market? (Remember, this should be other          businesses to   align with the B2B requirement.)

Industry and Competitive Analysis

  •     What   are the trends in this industry? (Include citations to support          your   research.)
  •    Who   are the competitors, and how are they differentiated from your          company? (Think   about the product or service offerings, pricing, and          distribution strategies   that might differ.)


  •     What   is the intended distribution strategy?
  •    What   is the rationale for using this distribution strategy, both          from an   organizational standpoint and a customer standpoint?
  •    What   are the trends’ projections that will affect future          distribution?


  •     What   is the pricing strategy?
  •    How   would you utilize Internet marketing and e-commerce to sell your            products?
  •    What   is the rationale for this pricing strategy, with a focus on the            customer?


  •     What   promotional methods would you use? (Include at least five          methods, both   traditional and digital.)
  •    What   is the rationale for using each of these?

Your  submission should be a minimum of five pages. The required title and    reference  pages do not count toward the minimum page count. References should    include  three sources (one can be the textbook). All sources used must be    referenced;  paraphrased  and quoted material must have accompanying citations.    Follow APA formatting and guidelines.


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