Market Segmentation and Targeting

Purity, Inc., bottles and distributes mineral water from the company’s natural springs innorthern Oregon. Purity markets two products: twelve-ounce disposable plastic bottles and four-gallon reusable plastic containers.

1. Identify a suitable target market for Plastic Whale for its launch into the Australian market at Sydney Harbour.

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Market Segmentation and Targeting
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2. Identify how Plastic Whale should be positioned within the Australian market.

3. Develop an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy (IMC) using THREE (3) of the tools from the Promotional Mix element (i.e. advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations and/or direct and digital marketing) that will enable Plastic Whale to attract and involve as many people as possible to reach the goal of plastic free waters in the Sydney Harbour.

4. To create awareness for the plastic pollution problem and communicate the benefits of the enterprise to the potential target market.

How do companies achieve differentiate their products without limting their appeal to certain market segments? if The Gap wish to develop differentiation advantage while still appealing to customers across a broad demoraphic and soceioecnomic range, what advice whould you offer ?

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