Market Segmentation and Targeting

Describe the strategies that firms can use to establish their technology as the standard in a market.

Explain the cost structure of many high-technology firms and articulate the strategic implications of this structure.

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Market Segmentation and Targeting
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Explain the nature of technological paradigm shifts and their implications for enterprise strategy

Credit rating agencies experienced substantial criticism from the authorities for not predicting the global financial crisis in 2008.Why do you think this happened and how did the agencies defend themselves

Think of your favourite stores. What do they do that encourages your loyalty?

What do you like about the in-store experience? What further improvements could they make.

Corporations may buy back their own stock for any of the following reasons except to:

Avoid a hostile take-over. Have shares available for a merger or acquisition.

Have shares available for employee compensation.

Maintain market value for the company stock. Allow management to assume the voting rights.

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