Market Segmentation and Targeting

According to drug companies, what are the advantages to consumers of direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs? According to consumer groups and insurance companies, what are the disadvantages?

Accordingly, our own desires, ends, etc bear very little weight when determining what the greatest happiness of the greatest number is, and thus what our moral responsibility is Think of a situation or area of life in which this might be true, and our concern for our own well-being and happiness has to take a back seat to the concern for the well-being and happiness of the greatest number

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Market Segmentation and Targeting
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What might a utilitarian say to someone who thinks this is too high a sacrifice?

Which items can be trademarked and which cannot in the United States? Please look at the six items , and Please justify your reasons in your discussion posting.

1. Infoxx – company name of a technological consultant startup

2. Intel Inside logo and the four-tone sound that accompanies it.

3. Starbox Coffee

4. The purple color of Nexium, a medicine pill that treats acid reflux.

5. The shape of the bottle and the fragrance of the perfume

6. My last name! (if Dell Inc. is a trademark, why not my name?)

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