Market Segmentation and Targeting

Write a customer environment of the Pinkberry Company (around 500 words with references) in this paper, current and potential customers are identified and described.
prevailing needs for the current and potential customers are identified and described, description of the basic features of the said organization and competitors’ products in terms of need is provided, the 5 w model is provided, who where what when why and also the future anticipated needs of the customer are identified.

What is a distribution objective? What does it mean when we say that distribution objectives should be coordinated with other objectives and strategies of the firm?

What do you think of the company’s product strategy and product range?

Do you agree with the matrix approach described in Figure B of the case? What is most important about IKEA’s product strategy and product range is their matrix, which is simple enough, yet very useful at creating market opportunities. The matrix also creates a way of accepting or declining a product, manufacturer, or designer, thus cutting costs (Moon, 2004).


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