Managing Projects

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Part1 Read Chapter. 11 Managing Project Teams pick a topic and write a brief summary about it.

Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:

Why should a project manager emphasize group rewards over individual rewards?

Part1 should be 500+words and in APA format and cite all references.

Part2:Assume that you have the following decision-making options:

(1) make the decision on your own with available information,

(2) consult others before making a decision,

(3) call a meeting and reach a consensus, seeking to arrive at a final decision everyone can agree on. Which approach would you use to make each of the following decisions and why?


You are a golf course designer hired by Trysting Tree Golf Club to renovate their golf course. You have worked closely with the board of directors of the club to develop a new layout that is both challenging and aesthetically pleasing. Everyone is excited about the changes. The project is nearly 75 percent complete when you encounter problems on the 13th hole. The 13th hole at Trysting Tree is a 125-yard par-three in which golfers have to hit their tee shots over a lake to a modulated green. During the construction of the new tee box, workers discovered that an underground spring runs beneath the box to the lake. You inspected the site and agreed with the construction supervisor that this could create serious problems, especially during the rainy winter months. After surveying the area, you believe the only viable option would be to extend the hole to 170 yards and create elevated tees on the adjacent hillside.Advice


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