Managing Information Technology

Company manufactures two types f products, A and B. Each product uses two processes, I and II. The processing time per unit of product A on process I is 6 hours and on the process II is 5 hours. The processing time per unit of product B on process I is 12 hours and on process II is 4 hours. The maximum number of hours available per week on process I and II are 75 and 55 hours respectively. The profit per unit of selling A and B are $12 and $10 respectively.i. Formulate a linear programming model so that the profit is maximized.ii. Solve the problem graphically and determine the optimum values of product A and B. (use extreme point approach). What is the optimal profit?

In the ISO 15939 standard, the measurement process is represented by a model that describes the activities and tasks to specify, implement and interpret results.

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Managing Information Technology
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a) Describe and illustrate the Measurement Process Model given in ISO 15939 standard.

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