Managerial Accounting

As a financial analysist, you required to:

1) Obtain recent financial reports for The National Australia Bank (NAB) and any other bank operates in Australia for a minimum of 2 consecutive years. Summarize the net profit achieved for years selected and evaluate the profitability, financial liquidity and capital structure for both years (and both banks) using financial ratios. (Attach financial statements) (15 Marks)

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Managerial Accounting
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2 2) Based on financial statements obtained, comment on the financial liquidity and capital structure of NAB and the comparative bank for both years and explain how banks that manage current assets well may establish competitive advantage? (650 words) (6.5 Mark)

3) Write a report to advise the manager of NAB to make Investment decisions based on the results of point 1 and 2, and common investment appraisal techniques that may be applies for investment decision making activity for domestic and international investment

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