Question 21

Imagine your boss wants you to investigate ways your company might be able enhance customer satisfaction, create an attractive loyalty program, and reward your customers. Most likely, your company’s immediate goal is to:

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(a) Delight customers.

(b) Make more money.

(c) Enhance product offerings.

(d) Redefine its position.

Question 22

Giant Grocery Retailer tells Small Cereal Manufacturer that it will not stock or sell Small Cereal Manufacture’s product line until and unless a better trade margin is provided. What type of power is Giant Grocery Retailer exhibiting?

(a) Purchasing power.

(b) Information power.

(c)  Coercive power.

(d) Distribution power.


Question 23


Company ABC is interested in better understanding how different groups of customers feel about its product. In order to this, company ABC will need to :


(a) Position its product in the market.

(b) Segment the market.

(c) Mass market.

(d) Target market.

Question -24

The terms manufacturer , service provider ,government agency, and wholesaler are  designations used to segment business and organization markets according to:

(a) The type of customer.

(b) Demographics.

(c) Product use.

(d) Buying situations.



Which of the following is defined to be an exchange between a firm and its customers?

(a) Advertising.

(b) Consumer behavior.

(c) Marketing.

(d) Distribution.


Which is an approach for creating a perceptual map?

(a) Attribute based.

(b) Demography based.

(c) Focus group based.

(d) Survey based.



Marketing information should be gathered _________ so the can be in the know and poised for action.

(a) Quarterly

(b) Annually

(c) Constantly

(d) Every two years


There are two major class of franchising. One is business format franchising. What is the other one?

(a) Market franchising.

(b) Product franchising.

(c) In- house franchising.

(d) Multisite franchising.



Which of the following is not part of Michael porter’s five forces model?

(a) Industry competitors.

(b) Threat of competition imitation strategies.

(c) Threat of new entrants.

(d) Bargaining power of buyer and suppliers.


In order for an exchange to occur (marketing):

(a) A complex societal system must be involved.

(b) Organized marketing activities must also accur.

(c) A profit-oriented organization must be involved.

(d) Each party must have something of value to the other party.

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