Question 61


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Which structure is usually optimal for project based organizations with fluctuating workloads?


(a) Functional.

(b) Divisional

(c)  Matrix.

(d) Network.

Question 62

The right to self-determination and freedom from the control of others is called:

(a) Beneficence.

(b) Justice.

(c) Fidelity.

(d) Autonomy.


Question 63


An important activity in _______ is taking corrective action.


(a) Strategy formulation

(b) Strategy evaluation

(c) Strategy manipulation

(d) Strategy implementation

Question 64


For a culture to exist, it must be all of the following EXCEPT________.

(a) Shared by the vast majority of members.

(b) Be passed from generation to generation.

(c) Shape perceptions, judgments, and feelings.

(d) Be distinct from decisions and behaviors.


Question 65


Advantages of the place design include all of the following except:


(a) Direct contact with customers in each locale.

(b) Managers in each market become generalists.

(c) Proximity to suppliers.

(d) Proximity to customers.

Question 66


A main force pushing toward a network structure is that an organizations has_________ core competencies.

(a) Undefined

(b) A few

(c) Interdependent

(d) Independent

Question 67

A flat organizational structure creates a(n)______ span of control.

(a) Tall

(b) Narrow

(c) Wide

(d) Centralized

Question 68

The term______refers to formal statements specifying acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and decisions by employees.


(a) Strategies

(b) Impersonality

(c) Tactics

(d) Rules




Question 69


________ refers to the lack of information regarding what needs to be done in a role, as well as unpredictability regarding the consequences of performance in that role.


(a) Time pressure

(b) Daily hassles

(c) Role overload

(d) Role ambiguity

(e) Role conflict

Question 70


The strategy that is based on an organization’s ability to provide a product or service at a lower cost than its rivals is referred to as________.


(a) Discount

(b) Differentiation

(c)  Focused

(d) Low-cost

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