5-page max. Must use attached prior project information and resources.  I have attached everything you will

need for this assignment. Please do not use outside sources.

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Write a memo to President and CEO, Maximillan Barney using the format outlined below:

Your Memo will be addressed to Mr. Maximillian Barney, the CEO and President of Biotech. The Memo should be single-spaced. The Memo should include the following structural elements:





The report should contain the following sections, with each section supported by course materials.  Label each section using Roman Numerals I through X.

· Introduction:  Briefly introduce yourself to Mr. Barney and describe the purpose of your memo.

· Identify the position you wish to be considered:

· Briefly review the leadership competencies identified as important for the person that occupies this position.

· Summarize the leadership competencies that you feel you have that make you a qualified candidate for this position. This should be a summary, as you will get into more detail in upcoming sections.

· Identify the outcomes of your Jung Personality Test and Self-Esteem Test and describe why your personality is suited to the position.

· Identify the outcomes of the Communications Skills Test and describe why you have the communication skills suited to this position.

· Identify the outcomes of the Leadership Skills Test and the Leadership Style Test and describe why you have the leadership skills and appropriate leadership style for this position.

· Identify the outcomes of the Cultural Intelligence Test and Emotional Intelligence Test and describe why you have the CQ and the EQ suited to this position.

· Identify the outcomes of the Ultimate Ethics Quiz and describe why you have the moral compass suited to this position.

· Conclusion – briefly summarize for Mr. Barney why you should be considered for this position.

· Reference Page (in APA format)

· Appendix – to include the results of all self-assessment tests described in the memo in sections III through VII.

Please see the results for each of the tests listed below attached

· Jung Personality Typology Test

· Communication Skills Self-Assessment Inventory

· Self Esteem Test

· Leadership Skills Test

· Leadership Style Test

· Cultural Intelligence Test

· Emotional Intelligence Test

Ultimate Ethics Quiz

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