Your company is considering the introduction of a Balanced Scorecard system. Your head of department has attended a briefing session on the new system and has circulated the following memo: To: Marketing department staff From: Head of department BALANCED SCORECARD You may have heard by now that our chief executive wants to introduce a so-called ‘Balanced Scorecard’ system for performance measurement. Frankly, even after attending the briefing I’m still a bit clueless on the subject. I don’t think it involves any figures, which would be good news, but we would have to measure things like customer satisfaction. Brian, the accountant, said that lots of companies have tried this system and it’s well known. I think he also said it’s like flying an aeroplane but perhaps I’d dozed off at that point. Have any of you heard of it? I’d like to hear from anyone who can provide me with a brief, comprehensible account of the Balanced Scorecard.

Reply to the memo, explaining the Balanced Scorecard as concisely as possible.

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The management team of Florian Space Products are meeting to discuss a proposal to divide the company’s operations into three divisions. Each division will deal with one of the business’s three principal products. The finance director proposes that the divisions should be given cost centre status. The marketing director, however, argues that if divisionalisation is to be effective, the divisions should operate on a fully decentralised basis as investment centres.

Identify and explain two arguments supporting each of the directors’ views.


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