“Malthusian Poverty Trap”

Stratification is the result of competition for resources. Those who own, control, or dominate resources are members of the highest strata, and those who have less access to those resources are on the bottom.
1. Explain the “Malthusian Poverty Trap”.
2. There is a debate about inequality in society – some believing it serves a good useful purpose and others believing that is causes social ills.

a. Where do you think your group’s theory stands on the debate – does it see inequality as good or bad? Explain fully. As always, use your sociological imagination and think like a sociologist.

b. Where do you stand on the debate – do you believe that inequality is good or bad for society. Explain fully. You do not all have to agree on this. Post at least 200 words and use well reasoned and thoughtful logic.

Critically discuss the following statement. ‘The “traditional” model of family, founded upon a legally-recognized heterosexual marital union with biological children, is a universal phenomenon in western capitalist society since the 19th century.’


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