Literacy Assessment Inventory

Submit a Word document addressing the three parts below.

Part One – The Inventory of Assessments and Evidence

Conduct an inventory of all of the literacy/reading assessments and evidence (student work samples or anecdotal notes) you have access to. You will have a total of three inventories and they need to be detailed lists that identify the reading assessment and/or evidence and explain what areas are assessed or how it could be used as evidence. For assessments, you need to note if the assessment can be given face-to-face, virtually, or both. You can use the graphic organizer and the “Assess a Class Activity Handout” provided to help you begin the process.

Reading Assessment Areas

Decoding, word recognition/knowledge
Fluency analysis
Language Proficiency (for English Language Learners)
Comprehension analysis
Writing analysis
Motivation and Interest
General/Additional assessments
Part Two – Identifying Assessments You Know
Either re-list the assessments from above that you are experienced with and can administer with fidelity OR annotate the assessments by using a different color of the font or highlighting the names of the assessments

Part Three – Alternative Digital/Web-based Assessment Resources
Identify 2-3 alternative sources that have reading assessments you are confident you can use. List them and provide hyperlinks.


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