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“Tu Se Morta” (“You are dead”) from Orfeo (Georg Nigl as Orfeo is a repetitive and recitative piece of musical art by composer Claudio Monteverdi. The song tells a story, with a moving plot along in an expressive manner. The song has a homophonic setting and performance, where one can hear Orpheus singing and is accompanied by the basso continua. The recording of the instruments for this music is harp, organ, and harpsichord. Most of the chords in the song are minor, where it also some dissonances. This is a piece of music from the Baroque period. The same rhythm is used throughout with a bit of sequencing. A significant characteristic of Baroque music includes the use of major and minor scales (Vetter, 2014). The piece is unique in that it is sang in a different language, where it is very mellow and quiet, hence its intriguing measures. 

Sonata pian e forte for 8 parts, C. 176 from Sacrae Symphoniae, is a song by Giovanni Gabrieli in 1597. This is the realist music piece to call for precise brass instruments. The music is more involved in the musical dialogue between choirs, which is evidenced by more straightforward compositions (Gabrieli, 1969). The art piece only has eight voices, where medical development remains fairly circumspect. There is an overall defined interaction between choirs. The musical piece has shorter phrases, active counterparts, and builds to rather a splendid climax, making it a unique composition to listen to. 

The first movement of spring from The Four Seasons is by Antonio Vivaldi composed in the 1720s. It includes birdsong and spring storm. These quick movements are written in Ritornello form, which means returning (Vivaldi & Selfridge-Field, (1999). The orchestra plays the key theme at the commencement of the piece and is then always returned after each solo section. There is a laterbation with the parts for solo violin, motor rhythms, and melodic themes, composed of motives which spin out in sequences. 

“Comfort Ye” and “Ev’ry Valley” were from Messiah by George Frideric Handel performed in 1741. The messiah was the oratorio in English which was structured in three parts where the performance occasionally quoted the Bible. There is the use of a solo tenor and orchestra performances. For Comfort ye, is tenor voice, with the Accompagnato form and the use of Larghetto e piano for its tempo making, where the E Primary Key is used. On the hand, for Ev’ry valley, there is the use of the Aria form, with Tenor voice, and use of the Andante instruments.   The music is reflection of  various Biblical teachings , where the tones used enables a listener to easily grasp what the composition  entail’s. 

“Hallelujah” is a chorus from  Messiah by George Frideric Handel. This is a Biblical song and was the first recording of George outside of England. The first performance entailed the use of temporary choirs, which involved temporary singers (Van Til, 2007). The Chorus consists of four parts and orchestra. The chorus user a sectional form where textural changes define the sections. For the Chorus, there is the use of major chords, where the key motives are continually repeated in a sequence. This popular composition is very distinctive and well arranged, in great sequences. 

Bourée from Water Music by George Frideric Handel; entails a dance of French origin, which accompany the rhythm and words of music. This was stylized dance with a softer tempo and is uniform, with the music. The element of uniformity and cohesion with the music makes its dance from the water music exemplary and unique. The music in the water music include the use of instruments such as the score, the trumpets, basso continuo, 1st, and 2nd violins and violas.

Minuet from Water Music is a genre stylized dance movement by George Frideric Handel in 1717. This composition is a well-stylized dance which is in a modest and splendid tempo. The piece is as unique as the circumstances, where the main instrument used to create the unique piece of composition include the 1st and two and violins, the two trumpets, the violas, cellos , basso continuo and two oboes, which are almost similar to the Bourée, which is also a part of the waterfall composition.

First MovementFinal Movement Ein Feste Burg ist unser Gott (A Mighty Fortress is Our God), is chorale cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach, which, may have been composed as early as 1730. The composition has an exclusive introductory chortle movement with an exceptional, spacious, and motet like the style. There is an incorporation of an instrumental canon for the organ continuo and oboes (Van Til, 2007). The Chorus has a powerful opening, which is followed by recitatives and arias, which are a reflection of the full breadth of the artist’s interest in emotions and word painting. This is also a representative of the Luther hymn, where there is an arrangement of the imitative polyphony for the instrumental parts and the voice parts.

Organ Fugue in G Minor (BWV 578) is a piece of organ music that was written by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1709. This is one of the best figures by Bach, which has been arranged over the other voices. This piece of work distinguishes from a majority of different compositions that last longer in duration (Smith, 2008). It is also relatively more challenging to play, due to the inclusions of various instruments of play, which are relatively more complex. This piece ends with a major code, although the fugue is a G minor. This is a practice that is utilized by the Baroque period, where the major chords are more conclusive. 



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