Legal argument

A legal argument in the Motorsports and environmental issues

I would like for you to address EACH of the questions below:

a) What are the facts bearing on the case? The term fact applies to the events, or alleged events, that have led to a claim or lawsuit. The facts are important because they are the basis for your argument.

b) What is (or are) the issue(s) being discussed by the argument? The issue is whatever the parties are arguing about. The issue might be something like “Is the contractor entitled to payment?”; “Did the contractor breach the contract?”; etc…

c) What are the premises of the argument? The most common type of premise in a legal argument is a law or some type of rule. Or could be the contract, an example being “a party must honor its contract.”

d) What is the argument trying to convince you to believe? In other words, what is t
he conclusion of the argument?

To make it easier for me to read, please put your paper in the following format, and I will deduct 5 points for not following this format:

Title Page
Abstract (explaining both arguments, only one Abstract needed)
Construction Arguments w/ two references


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