Learning and thinking styles

1.What is meant by learning and thinking styles? Describe impulsive/reflective styles.

2.How can deep/surface styles be characterized?

3.What are optimistic/pessimistic styles?

4.How have learning and thinking styles been criticized?

5.Describe yourself or someone else you know well in terms of the learning and thinking styles presented in this section.

Which of the following is the best example of a teacher using a cognitive approach to help students improve their reading skills?

a. Ms. Beckham uses flash cards to help students learn new words and reinforces them with candy for correct responses.

b. Ms. Gomes has her students choose from a variety of books to read. Those students who read a particular book then meet to discuss the book on a regular basis.

c. Ms. Owen emphasizes the importance of using context clues to help determine the meaning of new words.

d. Ms. Ronaldo has her students write each word they miss on a spelling pretest five times to help them remember the word.


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