1.  At what point are efforts to remove “unfit” judges really efforts to remove judges because of decisions they have made?

2.  American society has high expectations for judges, yet the actions of judges are constrained by other members of the courtroom work group. To what extent is criticism of judges, whether local or national, really criticism of the actions and inactions of prosecutors and defense attorneys?

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1.  Which method of judicial selection (election, appointment, or merit) do you think is best? What does your choice reveal about your personal attitudes? Stated another way, do you think the legal profession should have more say in judicial selection (merit) or less influence (elections)?

2.  For your state, examine judicial selection in terms of both law on the books (formal method of judicial selection) and law in action (actual practices).

1.  Does underrepresentation of women on the bench hurt justice? Would citizens’ views of the fairness of courts improve if more non-traditional persons became judges?

2.  Explain the difference between the impeachment and the removal of a federal judge.

Recognize major changes in the composition of the bench over the past several decades.

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