A question of ethics- Defamation. Aric Toll owns and manages the Balboa Island Village Inn, a restaurant and bar in Newport Beach, California. Anne Lemen lives across from irnn. Lemen complained to the authorities about the inn’s customers, whom she called “drunks” and “whores”, she referred to Aric’s wife as “madam whore” and told neighbors that the owner were involved in illegal drugs and prostitution. Lemen told Ewa Cook, told a bartender at the Inn, that Cook “worked for Satan”. She repeated her statements to potential customers, and the inn’s sales dropped more than 20%. The inn filed a suit against Lemen. (see business and the Bills of right)

A)   are lemen’s statement about the inn’s owners, customers, and activities protected by the U.S. Constitution? Should such statement be protected? In whose favor should the court rule? Why?

B)   Did Lemen behave unethically in the circumstance of this case? Explain


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