Drug Loitering A police officer on patrol comes upon a group of six youths one night. They are gathered on a corner in a high-crime area known for its drug dealing and gang activities. The officer observes the youths for about 10 minutes and sees a number of other persons approach the group, seeming to engage in some transactions involving the exchange of money for something in bags.

Describe what other evidence, if any, the officer would need in order to arrest the youths for drug loitering.

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Drug Transportation You are a U.S. customs agent. During a routine search of a passenger’s luggage, you recover a quantity of cocaine inside a small sealed package. The passenger tells the agent that the cocaine is not his. You have heard this before, but the passenger is adamant that he is as shocked as youare and has never seen the package before in his life. Answer the following questions:

a. Should the passenger be arrested immediately? What questions could you ask first?

b. What issues may arise if the passenger was doing someone a favor by taking the package to a relative or friend?

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